The Stories
No Such Thing as Miracles
Big Brother is always watching
No Such Thing as Miracles
John returns from the grave to save his boys, The boys are betrayed by a friend, hunted by a government strike squad,
the children like Sam band together, and Dean realizes that his own destiny is something amazing.
Cast of Characters
No Such Thing as Miracles
John Winchester
Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Missouri Moseley
Mrs. Cavanaugh
Big Brother Is Always Watching
Ellen Harvelle
Jo Harvelle
Leslie "Ash" Ashford
Zoe Barlow
Bobby Singer
Father Reynolds
A/N  The histories found here are not canon. There are spoilers to the stories as
well within the character bio's.  Our journey starts after "Crossroad Blues" and
veers off from there.
Sword and Shields
Joshua York
Andy Gallagher
Thomas Quillon
Senator Allen McKendrick
Sword and Shields (in progress)