Melissa Sutherland
Melissa Sutherland is a
woman that gets her way. In
work, in play and in
romance. Melissa
Sutherland is a witch.

Her family was once
powerful but that dwindoled
away when her father died
and her mother faded into
depression and pills.
Melissa was determined to rebuilt her
families prestige, in both the mortal
world, and the magical world.  For
that she needed a powerful alliance.

It wasn't hard to figure out who that
alliance needed to be made with.  
She needed to merge her line with
the Morningway line.  

She prepared for several months
before arranging to meet with Dean,
and to cast her spell.  With Dean
Winchester enthralled, she would
have no trouble gaining power. So
long as there was no evidence of
black magic...