Samuel Winchester
Sam Winchester never new normal. He
was an infant when his mother died and
7 when his father was taken from them.

He discovered shortly after going to live
with their uncle Justin that he had a gift
for magic. His first tutor was a ghost
named Bob, in the ways of magic, latin
and all things Morningway.

He was and still is very close to his
brother Dean, even after moving into
the morningway estate, Dean was his
primary caregiver. Not out of necessity
any longer but because that was how
both boys preferred it.
Sam met Jessica Moore when he was 9
and had been smitten with her ever
since.  She came from a magical family
as well, and it made it all the more
perfect  when she also chose to go to
college at Stanford.

Their uncle Justin was murdered during
Sams first year of college, surprisingly
by their cousin Harry Dresden. The
plea was self defence and the brothers
believe him because they cant imagine
Harry committing murder any more than
they  could imagine Justing murdering
Harry's father.