John  Winchester
John Winchester married above his station. He
married a woman from a wealthy family. A witch who
wanted nothing to do with that part of her world any
longer.  He was insanely happy, a beautiful wife, and
two sons.

Then his world came crashing down... the first time.
Mary, his beautiful wife was murdered, pinned to the
ceiling and ignited into flames, over his infant sons

He did the best he could to raise his boys alone with
the quest he had set himself, to find the demon that
The second time his world came crashing down
around his ears, his sons were 11 and 7. He had
taken the boys to be cared for while he  continued the
hunt.  He was hurt badly enough to be hospitalized,
and when he came to, his car was stolen and his sons
were no where to be found.

John has been searching for his sons ever since, but
has given up hope of his searches paying off. Now he
exists from hunt to hunt, driven by little more than his
hatred of the yellow eyed demon.