Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester was born to a normal
family... or so one would think. Stay at home
mom, father a marine mechanic, little brother
named Sam.

Perfectly average, until one night a demon
murdered his mother over his baby brothers
crib, sending her and their normal world up in

Dean was 4 at the time. From the age of 4 to
the age of 11 Dean and his little brother
traveled the open road with their father,
hunting down the demon that murdered their
mom, taking out the bad guys along the way.
When he was 11 he was told his father
was killed, and they went to live with his
mothers brother Justin Morningway.  
Sam was gifted with magic as the rest of
the morningway line was, but Dean was

In spite of this and his difficulty with
authority, Justin groomed him to take
over the family business.

At 16 Dean inherited his fathers Impala,
and the weapons stash within, it was
then that he took up the hunt as well,
only now he hunted for the creature
that killed his father as well