Hrothbert of Bainbridge
Hrothbert of Bainbridge was a great sorcerer in his
day. A man capable of incredible darkness, and of a
love that in some cultures is legendary.

When the love of his life was killed, he delved into
black magic and brought her back from the grave,
time and again. Until finally he was cursed and
executed for his crimes.  His curse is to spend eternity
bound to his skull.

Said skull came into the possession of Justin
Morningway, an inheritance. Morningway also
possessed the ghosts black grimoire and made great
use of it.
Hrothbert became the tutor for
Justins young nephew Harry,
and then later for Samuel and

He was given over into Harry's
keeping after Justin
Morningway's death. Bob still
holds many of Justins secrets,
most of which he will not tell, but
he also holds a great deal of
affection for the three cousins
he taught in their youth.