Tessa Maxwell
Tessa is pretty cynical for an
8 year old. Her natural father
was a hunter, that brought his
work home with him once too
often. The last time in an all to
tangible way.  Her parents
were killed while she hid in the
kitchen cupboards at the age
of 5.

She was found several days
later by Alex Grey, her
father's partner, and he took
her in to raise with his own
son Simon.
Unfortunately history tends to
repeat itself especially where
hunters and death are
concerned.  Especially where
vengeance is concerned.

Now she is once again
orphaned, and convinced that it
will happen again.

When she and Simon are sent
to the Winchesters, Tessa wants
nothing to do with any of them...
well... except maybe Dean.  And
even then... she's not talking.