Magdelena Hsiao
Maggie was born in Hong Kong to an
English mother and a Chinese father. Both
were hunters, and both were gifted with
magical ability. So it was no surprise when
Maggie developed her own abilities, and
took up the family business of hunting,
leaving her brother to the grocery business.

She met John Winchester through a mutual
friend, Ellen Harvelle, and in spite of Ellen's
warnings to steer clear of Winchester and
his baggage, she fell in love with him anyway.

They discovered she was a Nephilim in the
middle of a hunt, and even though she
saved John's life and they trapped the
demon in a mine, it ended badly once they
got back to the hotel.
She found out she was pregnant a
month after John sent her away and
called a hunt upon her. She didn't tell
him about their son.

When the boy was nearly killed in an
attempt to kill her, the demon that sired
her came to her *aid* and in essence
started her down the dark path.

She went after John and his legitimate
sons with a vengeance. Torturing
Dean, and attempting to mold Sam into
her own image.

It was Maggie that told John of Sam's
true nature.