Jack (John) Hsiao
Jack is the illegitimate son of John
Winchester and Maggie Hsiao. The
first 6 years of his life were spent on
the run from hunters and demons

At 3 he was nearly killed by a bomb
that went off in the house he and his
mother were living in.  As he lay in his
mother's arms struggling draw what
was surely his last breath, the demon
came, and made a deal with his mother
to save his fragile life.
Jack was unaware of how evil his
mother became, or of the fact that
his father and his guardian Ben
had made sure she would never
come for them again.

He grew up in Corpus Christi
Texas, met a beautiful girl, and
had a normal life with his chain
smoking, heaving drinking, strip
club owning fiery demon guardian.

That is until his brothers
discovered his existence, until
they arrived to meet him.

Nothing has been normal since.