Bobby Singer
Bobby and his younger brother Ricky
were born into a family of hunters and
took to it like they did the auto
mechanics that paid the bills.

Bobby, like Sam, liked answers. He
liked to know the hows and why's of
things and started collecting books and
old hunters journals as soon as he was
old enough to know what to do with

For several years, Bobby, Ricky, Bill
Harvelle and John Winchester did a fair
amount of their hunting together.
None of them cared for Maggie Hsiao, and when John told them she
was a half breed, the other three men wasted no time getting onto
the hunt that John didn't have the heart for. If Bobby had known
about the boy, or that it would cost him his brothers life he wouldn't
have done it.

Through the years, even though he wanted on more than one
occasion to fill John Winchester full of rock salt, or buck shot, Bobby
loved 'John's Boy's' as though they were his own. For their sake,
and the sake of a friendship that no one could really understand, he
put up with John through the years and was always there when

Even now, with John dead and the boys in way over their heads,
Bobby is always there, even if they don't realize it.