Simon Grey
Simon grew up with a skewed version
of a normal life. His father was a hunter
and his mother was a criminologist.
Paranoid was the watchword in his

By 12 he knew how to shoot, read
Latin (even if his understanding was
minimal), and load rounds that were a
mixture of buck shot and rock salt.

He played little league, and pee wee
football, and soccer. He had his first
girlfriend at 8 and knew how to use
those baby blues to charm the socks
off of every grandma for miles around.
He was an only child and didn'
t like the addition of Tessa to
his family at first. But she
grew on him eventually and
he started looking after the
kid cause she seemed
determined to get herself in
trouble when he didn't.

Simon is an all around good
kid. Even served as altar boy
in the local parish. But he is
always watching, and never

He knows whats out there,
and being human doesn't
make you innocent.