Mary Samantha Winchester
Mary is the only child of Dean and
Chavi Winchester. Her mother died
in child birth leaving her to be
raised by her grieving father and a
motley crew of uncles.

She was taught both sides of the
family business even though her
father refuses to let her throw
herself into the hunt completely.
He wants her to go to college and
have a normal life. So long as that
normal life doesn't include boys
before the age of 30.
Mary however wants to stay in Corpus Christi and
take care of her father, whom she is certain will
toss himself back into the hunt completely and
get himself killed once there is no one around to
take care of.

She is good with cars, as good as most of the
mechanics in her fathers employ. Can throw
knives and darts like a pro, even if she can't
shoot for beans in her father's estimation, and
couldn't hustle her way out of a kiddie pool hall.

There is an honesty about Mary, a directness
and wit that come straight from her mother. She
can call bull shit a mile away when it's coming out
of her father's mouth and often does.