Kaylie Ingham
Kaylie is a prime example of the all
American girl, Texas style. She is
the grand daughter of a rancher and
grew up knowing how to handle
herself within reason.

She has known Jack Hsiao since
second grade, and the two have
been inseparable since then.

Its always been understood that they
would marry and have a family of
their own even if the question hasn't
been officially asked since 5th grade.
She works in a bar and
grill to work her way
through college, and
even though she lives at
home with her parents,
she spends most of her
time, days and nights, at
Jack and Ben's place.

She is fiercely protective
of the man she loves,
even though it would
seem unnecessary to
the outside observer.
But Kaylie knows how
vulnerable Jack really is.