Mark, Abby and Benjamin Hsiao
Jonathan Mark Hsiao Jr. is 13 and has
all the complications to his life that
comes with the age. Added into it that
one uncle is a demon, two of them are
hunters, and his parents are
intolerably cute in public.

He plays baseball, and keeps his
grades up just enough to keep his
parents off his back.

He looks alot like his uncle Dean...
Abigail Elizabeth Hsiao is 8 years old and
makes a very big deal out of being girly.
She plays with barbies, takes twirling and
gymnastics lessons, and much prefers her
cat Snowball over any old smelly dog.

She is already queen bee in her social
clique, and Jack has fears of his daughter
turning into a cheerleader.
Benjamin Dean Hsiao is 4, and he is the
only one of the children that look like their
father. His hobbies include playing in the
dirt, chasing grasshoppers and sneaking
cookies when no one is looking.