Dean Winchester
Dean grew up different than other boys.
Instead of learning to fish or throw a
baseball from his old man Dean learned
how to shoot, throw knives and to close a
wound with a nice even stitch.

By the time he was 9 he was taking care
of his little brother all by himself while his
father went on hunts that were too
dangerous for the boys to join in on. That
was the first time he was Kidnapped.
It happened repeatedly during his childhood, and
Dean learned to fear flying, and not being in control
of a given situation.

Unfortunately control never seems to come easily
for Dean, as the feds, the demon, and his own
family seem intent upon taking that control away
from him.

With Sammy missing and a baby brother he is
barely getting to know Dean is stuck in a role he
had never wanted and never thought to have... A
father and husband.

Can he have a family of his own and still save his  
brother? Can he manage to not follow too closely in
his fathers footsteps? Can he keep all the balls he's
juggling in the air?