Chavi Winchester
Chavi was a happy person by nature.  
She liked her freedom, and tended to find
the best in people, even when she

It's no surprise that she found the best in
Dean Winchester, how they met on the
other hand, would be quite surprising.
Considering she literally tripped over him
in the  middle of the night, in a cemetery
after having fled her Romany community.

The two hit it off immediately, and
dramatically. Chavi saw through the
facade Dean put up around himself and
loved the man underneath.
Unfortunately her family didn't
see Dean for who he was. They
simply saw him as an outsider, a

When they married her family
objected, claiming to disown her,
vowing that she would come to a
bad end.

It was true, premature death did
await  the young Mrs.
Winchester.  Chavi died giving
birth to their daughter. Mary
Samantha Winchester.