Bill Harvelle
Bill Harvelle was first and foremost a
family man.  His involvement in the hunt
was because of his parents murder, at
which time he inherited the Road House
as well as the thirst for vengeance.

He met his wife there, before his parents
were killed, as she worked at the road
house as a waitress.  She helped him
find the monster that killed his family and
then they began to make a family of their
He didn't like Maggie Hsiao or her friendship with
Ellen. In fact he was strangely relieved to find
that she was a demon. It meant he could keep
her away from his wife and daughter.

His life was spared, when John gave Maggie his
word they wouldn't come after her again, but he
had no intention of keeping that word.

Years later, as he was preparing to retire from
the hunt and run the road house, he sent a strike
team out after Maggie and her child.

It was this that lead to the second abduction of
the Winchester boys in retaliation, even though
Bill was killed by Maggie.