Ben Farber
Ben was born of a human mother and a
demon. Not a man possessed by a fallen
angel, but an actual created in hell demon.

The union should not have created offspring
but it did, and because of his parentage, and
the time in which he was born, Ben's childhood
was a living hell.

His mother thought him possessed and tried to
have him exorcised repeatedly. Sometimes the
clergy saw him for what he was and tried to kill
him. Generally burning at the stake, which had
no effect other than to cause him great pain.

Surprisingly the man managed to retain his
humanity through it all, not that he would admit
it.  In fact he did his best to bury it.

And for the most part he succeeded until Black
Tuesday.  It was then that he met Abby.  She
was beautiful, fiery, yet some how managed to
calm everything that raged within him.
He married her against his better judgement and
was with her until the day she died of old age.

Shortly before her death he was conscripted into
helping a woman named Maggie save her dying
son. She made him promise to look after the child
when she couldn't, and Ben promised.

Ben was bound by his promise, not merely by
choice but by design as part of his demonic nature.
It was as much a part of him as his ability to ignite
fires and travel through it.

He didn't expect to be caring for a small boy while in
the throes of his grief over his wife.  But when
Maggie became too dangerous, he took the boy
and raised him, telling him his mother was dead.

He came to genuinely care for Jack, and even
though he still has hopes of finding a way to end his
existence, he holds on, because Jack needs him.