Supernatural is the creation of Eric Kripke and
currently airs on The CW.

The Dresden Files is the creation of Jim Butcher and
currently airs on the Sci-Fi network.

None of this belongs to us and we make absolutely
no profit.
 They're not our toys, we just borrow them.

All original characters belong to us, and any
resemblance to persons living or dead is quite

The videos linked on the video page were made by us
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Frames and graphics were made by Mashka.

All fiction presented here on this site is the original
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Cast of characters:
Canon Supernatural:
Dean Winchester: Jensen Ackles
Sam Winchester: Jared Padalecki
John Winchester:   Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Bobby Singer:  Jim Beaver
Ellen Harvelle: Samantha Ferris
Jo Harvelle: Alona Tal
Ash: Chad Lindberg
Missouri Moseley: Loretta Divine
Father Reynolds: Denis Arndt
Andy Gallagher: Gabriel Tigerman
Special Agent Victor Hendrickson: Charles Malik Whitfield
Jessica Moore: Adrienne Palicki

Canon The Dresden Files:
Harry Dresden: Paul Blackthorne
Connie Murphy: Valerie Cruz
Bob: Terrence Mann
Justin Morningway: Daniel Kash
Donald Morgan: Conrad Coates

Original Characters:
The Morningway Agenda
Melissa Sutherland: Jessica Alba

Ben Farber: Gerard Butler
Maggie Hsiao: Lucy Liu
Ricky Singer: Ethan Suplee
Bill Harvelle: Josh Lucas
Kaylie Ingham: Hayden Panettiere
Regan Bruner: Candice Bergen
Jack Hsiao: Brandon Lee
Father Pavel: Max von Sydow
Chavi Winchester/Mary Winchester: Alexa Davalos
Teneke Hsiao: Sammo Hung
Mei Hsiao: Kieu Chinh
Kevin Winchester: Frankie Muniz
Rachel MacPherson: Mary-Louise Parker
Tessa Maxwell:  Sasha Pieterse
Simon Grey: Cameron Bright
Abigail and Benji Hsiao: random child models
Mark Hsiao: Jensen Ackles, aged 13 (LOL!!)

No Such Thing As Miracles:
Zoe: Rachael Leigh Cook
Mrs Cavanaugh: Olympia Dukakis
Joshua York: Harrison Ford
Thomas Quillon: Christian Bale
Senator Allen McKendrick:  Adrian Pasdar
Mickey:  Eric Bana